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It will not only help you in interviews but also in real-time working. Click Here to watch video of practical application of these Scenarios. A goods receipt MIGO transaction was done at that price. Try one of the following. We usually call it as a subsidiary ledger of FI. In addition, Read more…. The next logical step after creating Master Data is to configure the system. This handles business transactions in Read more…. It further makes inter-company payments, processes both domestic and foreign payments and block payment etc.

You Read more…. Solution This situation can be handled in two different ways: 1 The price difference — At the time of the MIRO transaction, you have an option to post a price difference.

sap fico case study pdf

Make sure you have selected the correct company code in T-code FB50 The drop-down has a personal list and a global list. If you are in the personal list, switch to the global list. Tags: reverse migo in sap sap fico interview questions and answers sap fico interview questions on general ledger sap fico interview questions on purchase order sap gl dropdown list not showing sap miro.To browse Academia.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Ross Lithgow. Overview 2. List of exchange rate types used 3. Sources and upload of different exchange rates 4. Certain countries are exempts Bulgaria, Poland, Romania. These countries are using the local rates published by the National Bank of the country to translate to local currency instead of Global Company Corporate monthly rate. Local exchange rate types are set up as alternate rate type to the Global Company corporate monthly exchange rate when translating to local currency in these countries.

FICO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Book

Same monthly revaluations are done into local ledgers by using local exchange rate types of the country. End Av. The automatic process has only settled for uploading the dollar daily exchange rates, all the other currencies EUR and GBP in the exchange rate type CBMX have to be uploaded using the manual process.

I Intrastat exchange rate type - Maps to CZK so user can select the daily rate for Intrastat reporting no rates to be loaded! This is regarding a requirement for Intrastat report from Czech Republic country.

While executing the report the users are not able to get the output with the correct exchange rate for Czech republic. A similar requirement was requested for Bulgaria.

This was introduced mid and has the following advantages. You can also assign authorization for work lists. This is owned by Cota to manually enter any exchange rates that are required e. However this rate is not known until close to the last day of the period and so the M rate is used as the temporary A rate until the new A rate is known.

Then when the actual average rate is known near end of the current periodthe A rate is overwritten for the first day of the fiscal month with the known average rate. EUR with M rate Group curr. The system will automatically make all the relevant postings and then reverse these postings in the following month.

ACS: Revaluations are posted directly to the "main" bank accounts ending in "0". Bank accounts that are open item managed use account for revaluation postings. Accounts that are not open item managed, post the revaluation directly in its own account.

Related Papers. By Wisney Rodrigues. Risk Management in Electronic Data Transmission. By Mihaela Belu. By Nicoleta Panait. By Mazilu Mirela. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up.It is the software that stores data, and also computes them and retrieves the result based on the current marketing scenario. In order to determine the transaction type which is entered in the line item, a two digit numerical is used known as 'Posting Key' Posting key determines a Account Types b Types of posting.

To generate financial statements like Profit and Loss statement, Balance sheets etc.

sap fico case study pdf

You can have one Chart of Account for one company code which is assigned. There are three currencies that can be configured for a Company code, one is a local currency and two are the parallel currencies.

Fiscal year in SAP is the way financial data is stored in the system. In SAP, you have 12 periods and four special periods. SAP system does not know what is broken fiscal year e. This shift in the year is known as 'year shift'.

SAP Case Studies at Controlling 2013

In a year dependent fiscal year variant, the number of days in a month is not as per the calendar month. For example, in yearmonth January end on 29 thmonth Feb ends on 26 th etc. For each country tax procedure is defined, and tax codes are defined within this. There is a flexibility to either expense out the Tax amounts or capitalise the same to stocks.

The multiple FSV's can be used for generating the output of various external agencies like Banks and other statutory authorities. It does the recording of all business transactions incorporated with all other operational areas in a software system and also ensures that the Accounting data is always complete and accurate.

The problem faced when a business area is configured, is splitting of account balance which is more pertinent in the case of tax accounts. The customizing pre-requisite for document clearing is to check the items cleared and uncleared, and this is done by open item management.

Open item management manages your outstanding account, i. For instance, an invoice item that has not yet been paid is recorded as open account until it is paid. In the legacy system, if the goods are received and the invoice is not received, the provision is made, in SAP at the goods receipt.

Each company code can have two additional currencies, in addition to the company code, currency entered to the company code data. The currency entered in the company code creation is called local currency and the other two additional currencies are called parallel currencies. Parallel Currencies can be used in foreign business transactions. In order to do international transaction, parallel currency can be used. To track the cost, internal orders are used; they are proposed to be incurred over on a short term basis.

Yes, it is possible to calculate depreciation, to do that you have to switch on the indicator Dep. In Asset Accounting, chart of depreciation is rated as the highest node, and this is assigned to the company node.

sap fico case study pdf

All the depreciation calculations are stored under the chart of depreciation. What asset classes are there? The asset class is the main class to classify assets. Every asset must be assigned to only one asset class. The asset class also contains G1 account, when any asset is procured, G1 account is debited. Whenever you create and asset master, it becomes mandatory to mention the assest class for which you are creating the required assets. So, whenever any asset transaction occurs, the G1 account attached to the asset class is automatically picked up and the entry is passed.

You can also specify the default values for calculating the depreciation values and other master data in each asset class. Depreciation is not charged under 'Capital WIP' usually. The cost incurred on building a capital asset can be booked to an 'internal order' and through the settlement procedures, and can be posted onto an 'Asset Under Construction'. To immune your company from the risk of bad debts and multiple outstanding receivable, you can set a credit limit for your customer by using credit control area in SAP.When defining a business area, you enter a four-character alphanumeric key and the name of the business area.

In a client, you can set up several business areas to which the system can assign the postings made in all company codes defined in this client. To ensure consistency in document entry, you should give business areas the same name in all company codes.

Business Area: A unit in an enterprise that groups product and market combinations as homogeneously as possible for the purpose of developing unified business policy. An organizational unit of financial accounting that represents a separate area of operations or responsibilities within an organization and to which value changes recorded in Financial Accounting can be allocated You can create financial statements for business areas, and you can use these statements for various internal reporting purposes.

A period of usually 12 months, for which the company produces financial statements and takes inventory. A fiscal year need not correspond to the calendar year. Under certain circumstances, fiscal years containing fewer than 12 months are also permitted short fiscal year. When defining your fiscal year, you have the following options:. Your fiscal year is the calendar year In this case, you must only select the Calendar year field.

Your fiscal year is not the same as the calendar year and is not year-dependent. Your fiscal year is not the same as the calendar year and is year-dependent. Either a fiscal year variant can be copied from the existing one or a new fiscal year variant for a company specific can be created. To copy from an existing fiscal year variant select that variant by clicking at the extreme left of that variant and select the option copy from the task bar and choose the copy all option.

By doing this all the sub entries such as periods, period texts and shortened fiscal year under the selected variant will be copied to another variant for which a new variant name is to be given. Following Entries will get copied. Number of posting periods The fiscal year can be subdivided into up to 16 periods. These are divided into normal posting periods and special periods for closing purposes. This field contains the number of normal posting periods.

Number of special periods. Special periods represent an extension of the last normal posting period. When the posting date falls within the last normal posting period, then during document entry you can specify that the transaction figures be updated separately in one of the special periods.Your firm has been contracted to lead the installation project that includes some business process re-engineering.

Your team, assigned to assist ABC Motors International in the implementation of this business system, is to build a working prototype of the system and present it to the executive committee. Considering the attached information gathered from the client, your talented consulting team should design and configure the organizational structure and applicable master records to support the business.

All appropriate posting documents and resulting accounting documents for each business transactions should be prototyped and tested. Document and justify any significant recommendations. In your presentation, significant attention should be given to integration and to the flow of business through the supply chain. The following key areas should be covered.

Planning issues encountered and their resolution. Integration points throughout the software. Flow of business transactions. Problems and obstacles found in prototyping the proposed implementation model. Attached is the information already gathered by your project team. You have limited access to the Senior Management Steering Committee of ABC Motors International to respond to questions you may have and provide further information as required.

Download attached file. You must be Logged in to download this file. Register Login. Recommended Posts:.Case Study 1 Feedback.

SAP FICO Tutorial in PDF

Case Study 1: Asset Procurement to Payment. Company R is going to purchase a new car for the newly promoted manager under Management group cost centre in Brisbane. After a long discussion, it has been decided that the car is Mazda 3 Sedan. The company is looking at opportunities to build a lo ng-term relationship with the new local car dealer that it has never done business with. The dealer agrees to company R terms that the payment shall be made 60 days from invoice date.

This is a very good contract for the company considering that the payment term is longer than other vendor agreements. Car dealer details:. Bank Details:. Car specification:. Review asset balance. Review the vendor balance and line items before payment. Check that the payment is due 60 days after the invoice date. Company R makes payment once every week through automatic outgoing payment selection.

You should post the payment as if the payment is already due; i. Review the vendor balance and line items after payment. The invoice should be cleared by the payment. Case Study 1: Feedback.

What is SAP? Why do we need ERP? Beginner Tutorial

Asset Procurement to Payment. Follow the following steps to complete the exercise:. Create new bank master record transaction FI01 as specified in the Bank Details Bank master record created during creation of Vendor. Page 3 of Page 4 of Page 5 of Page 6 of Page 7 of Page 8 of Create new asset transaction AS Page 9 of Page 10 of Page 11 of Case studies. Here are a few of the most recent examples that may be relevant to you. Finance transformation. Inventory management.

Regulatory compliance. HR transformation. Supply chain. Global growth. Going from antiquated point to point systems to a more lean and simple procurement organization that has transformed the way buyer and sellers collaborate. As part of its mobility strategy, HCC plans the roll out for 55, users across mobile devices in locations such as schools and libraries. Making it simple to use was the only way users could access the system.

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