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By StanMarch 25 in News. Queue times return to some WoW Classic realms with a high population amid the coronavirus lockdown and character transfers. Firemaw EU players report hour queue times on a Sundayurging Blizzard to lock the realm and a similar situation is occurring on Incendius US. The situation was apparently worse the day before with queues exceeding 3, players which resulted in hour queue times.

Incendius US is facing a similar situation, but the queues aren't as bad as in Europe. The realm was beyond capacity full even before paid character servicesthen came transfers from Faerlina, Skeram, and other realms, rendering Indencius beyond unplayable according to Redditors.

Players reported hour queue times on Incendius during raid time. Blizzard has so far not responded to any of the reports and we will keep you updated should they come up with any solutions in the near future. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted March Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. All it took to bring all the players back was a pandemic and house arrest.

Not the worst way to pass a ton of time though. At least some worlds benefited from the pandemic. Posted April 3. Sulfuras had a 15minute queue last night. I was surprised. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topicLog in. Buy Incendius PvP Gold. PvP realms are usually the most crowded ones, where open player versus player combat is allowed in all contested territories.

The server was launched on 27th August Select the gold amount needed, your faction Alliance or Horde and insert your character. Depending on the contemporary best trade practices, we may 1 mail or 2 trade you the gold or 3 we may contact you about different delivery methods like Auction House or items.

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WoW Classic Server Populations 2020

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incendius wow classic server

Choose an option Alliance Horde.When it comes to WoW Classic servers, picking the right one to play on is important. Your choice on where to start will restrict you to a particular group of players, since cross-realm play, including cross-realm zoning and looking for group options, are not part of Classic gameplay.

Demand for servers was large enough at launch that Blizzard has added a boatload of new ones, and increased the capacity on existing ones, in both North America and European Union regions. You may create up to ten characters on a realm. But before you create that character, you must first decide what realm to put them on.

There are several types of realm to choose from, ranging from PvP and PvE to roleplaying WoW Classic servers where you have to remain in character at all times. The WoW Classic server list, on login, will display the current population of created characters on that realm.

High and Full realms may have login queues; Medium and Low population realms are less likely to be affected. As a reminder, this was the video that went viral when vanilla World of Warcraft first launched reposted by Shofixti :. Unlike modern WoW, where players can turn world PvP on and off at will on any server, Classic servers are divided as the original game laid out. On PvP servers, you are always attackable by fellow players except in a very few areas designated as Sanctuaries.

On PvE servers, the only time you may attack other players is as part of duels which they must acceptspecific PvP battlegrounds or arenas, or very limited areas in the world that specifically allow for PvP or player-versus-anyone combat, such as the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale.

For the EU region, servers are divided by language, with the majority 23 being English. At the time of writing, there are ten servers for German play, four for French, one for Spanish, and five for Russian. In the United States and Oceanic realms, all servers are in English, but players typically choose a server based on its time zone, since that helps to determine when others will also be online and available to play.

On roleplaying servers, players are committed to living through their characters, who typically have back stories and particular styles of speaking. Roleplaying activities, including ongoing mutual story creation and large-scale events, are common. Your name must be in character, meaning that other players can successfully report you if you name yourself something that breaks the immersion of the game. They can do the same if you post out of character in chat in certain channels.

For each faction on roleplaying servers, there is a low-level inn typically taken over by those looking to erotic roleplay. These ten English-language PvP servers, including new ones created after launch, are currently the most populated, with Firemaw reading as Full and the rest at High. The PvP servers are generally balanced by faction, tending to favour Horde.

Shazzrah has a strong Horde presence, as does Nogenfogger and Gandling. Earthshaker, however, has a healthy Alliance population.

These three normal English-language PvE servers are currently showing High population. The other roleplaying server, also using English, but allowing for PvP combat. These three German-language PvE servers are currently showing High population. Everlook has a strong Alliance bias, and a very healthy population, but the other two are more balanced.Before the Classic World of Warcraft servers launch on August 27th,players will have the chance to reserve a set amount of names on each server they plan to play on before you can play.

World of Warcraft Classic isn't free - but it will not cost anything more than the standard subscription rate to World of Warcraft to play. Even if you've never bought a World of Warcraft expansion, you do not need to purchase any extra software to begin playing.

Once you subscribe to World of Warcraft, you'll have the option to download both the World of Warcraft launcher and the World of Warcraft Classic launcher. Once you have subscribed to World of Warcraft or you are already subscribed to the current retail version of the gamelook for the drop-down menu in the Battle.

Servers in Red have been marked as a High or Full Populations, and may experience long queue times to login, and Blizzard recommends trying others servers instead. Since launch,population caps may have changed. Servers in Blue are newly created servers on launch day to alleviate the rush of new players. Many of World of Warcraft's most popular streamers have already announced which servers they plan to play on.

If you wish to play alongside your favorite streamers - or if you wish to avoid them and their entourages at all costs, you can consult the list below. Note that most streamers have chosen to all congregate on the Faerlina server, with a few others choosing to go to Golemagg and Shazzrah. See the community maintained AvoidStreamers site for more information. Last Edited: 29 Aug am.

Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Rated "T". Developer Blizzard Entertainment. Publisher Blizzard Entertainment. Release Date August 27, Table of Contents.As we previously announced, free character moves will become available in this region very soon.

When these free character moves open, player-characters at any level will be able to move:. For approximately one day, the new realms will be restricted to only those players using a free character move.

WoW Classic server list: which is the best vanilla World of Warcraft realm for you?

After one day, any player may create new characters there. We should be allowed to go both ways.

incendius wow classic server

During the confusion a lot of us rerolled but now are well beyond the level we started at on the high pop servers. Please consider this, thank you. This makes absolutely no sense to me, if you just allow people to transfer to the full servers then its a wash. They would still have high wait times and everyone would still be raging on here.

All Original servers should be able to move to any realm. Half my Friends are on my current realm and half on another. Forcing me onto a new realm solves nothing whatsoever. What are you talking about? There are 20k queues any realm with transfers open on them will become high pop. Also those realms with smaller queues are transferring to already existing medium pop realms.

So they will be high pop too. Every realm is 10x the size of retail launch full realms. I already restarted on Anathema be quicker next time, not cool. It helps by solving the realm queue issue and by assuring that every new server will be high pop. Realms with smaller queues are able to transfer to existing medium pop servers which are already multiple times larger than full retail launch realms so its not even comparable and realms with k queues are getting new fresh servers that will instantly become high pop realms.

Also, all these realms are opening to everyone a day later after you get your guaranteed name so if you have friends who have been bouncing around in permanent limbo being chased by queues, they can join you as well. Most of those people will not move. They obviously had no problem getting into their servers and are invested.

Jesus christ.World of Warcraft Classic was announced back in at BlizzCon and was highly anticipated in the years up to its release in August of A lot of players were tired of the state of World of Warcraft and longed for the good old days of WoW.

Classic WoW gave players exactly that by reverting all the way back to a version in September of right before the Burning Crusade expansion was released. WoW Classic was well received and upon release had hundreds of thousands of players waiting in queues to log in to the original experience. Hopefully, this new content brought a spike to the WoW Classic server population stats below! Since Blizzard stopped releasing exact player counts, we have to use third-party estimates to try and figure out the player count on WoW Classic.

Any servers that saw less than players will not be included in this list. Overall we saw almostplayers in the past two weeks across all three regions below.

Botting in Classic Seems to have Only Got Worse...

WoW Classic still has a pretty healthy server population across all regions. One thing is certain though, the dead and unpopulated servers will need to be addressed in the coming months. We hope to see the server populations continue to grow as time goes on and more and more content gets released for WoW Classic. US servers had overplayers in the last two weeks! However, some servers are seriously lacking in players. A lot of people are calling for Blizzard to let them change servers.

If you play on Loatheb, you might not even see another person depending on what hour you log in and where you are! Of course, there will be people in the main cities, but the zones feel dead and empty. Are you a Horde player and want a Horde dominated server? Alliance player and want an Alliance dominated server? Pagle is the way to go! EU servers had overplayers in the last two weeks as well.

WoW Classic server list: which is the best vanilla World of Warcraft realm for you?

It seems both regions have a healthy amount of players, but just like the US, some servers are really lacking a population. Judgement had just players in the last two weeks!We started as a group of friends wanting to progress as far as possible in Classic together.

We have been on Incendius since the start and have expanded our group into 3 full raid teams. We are made up of a lot of different small groups, friends and guilds that came together. We have multiple members with a lot of experience in WoW with a lot of them participating in original WoW Classic and or private servers and reaching end game on multiple levels. We use a loot council system that has worked well. Main factors to that contribute to loot council are :. We are in current need of healers, specifically holy paladins and dwarf priest.

As a general rule though ,we always recruiting exceptional players looking for a long term home.

incendius wow classic server

Everyone else : Exceptional players of any classes welcomed but a spot not guaranteed. Create a free account in 1 minute and benefit from the following advantages:.

Back to guild list Next guild.

Savages Alliance. PvE Progress. Number of players: Open for all classes. About us. Loot system We use a loot council system that has worked well. Main factors to that contribute to loot council are : 1. Attendance 2. Upgrade 4. General attitude. Our goals. What can you expect from us?

What do we expect from you? Share Savages on social network. Copy link. Tags leveling blue-post pve-hl pvp.

incendius wow classic server

Gnomish special offer:.